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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Aha, here we go... (now I feel right dim for complaining!! hehe)

I just wanted to post a couple of pictures that we took over the weekend. My two granddads died when I was young. My granddad Kenny died when I was 8yrs old and my granddad Roy when I was 12yrs old. (Ha, I just thought... My G. Kenny died when I was at the age the church allows children to be baptised and my G. Roy when I actually was baptised. How very coinsidental?!) Anyway, since I was quite young at the time I wasn't allowed to attend their funerals. And since I hate cemeteries I have never been back to their graves... Well, we went yesterday!

Kenny wasn't actually my granddad. He was my step-fathers dad but I loved him to bits and pieces and he loved me, lol. I was his spoilt princess. Only having sons, I was the only girl child he was ever around. I think he might have been secretly a little miffed since I was a tomboy at that age, hehe :) He was a good man, I wish so much that he was still around!

My favourite memory of him involves shopping, shock horror! I used to go and stay with him every weekend and he would take me out and buy me things (I told you he spoilt me!) Well, I remember going shopping one sunday on a market and one stall sold socks. They had every kind of sock you could think of in every colour. My granddad wanted to buy me some white socks for school but I wanted these bright green, neon, day-glo socks and he was having none of it! So, me, in my ever so charming way said "Well if I can't have those [the green ones] I don't want any at all!" All I remember then is getting a phone call from my mum later on that afternoon telling me to never be that rude again and that I should be grateful he wanted to even buy me the school socks... hehe:) I also remember him doing the moonwalk to Michael Jackson songs at my mum and step-dads wedding:)

This is his "patch" as I called it. He was cremated (which I'm not so keen on.)

My granddad Roy is my mums dad. I don't really remember him that much... He and my nanna divorced when my mum was little and he remarried. Apparently his new wife (Mary, the other one on this headstone) was not at all happy with him keeping in contact with my mum and my uncle so he used to do it in secret (soft lad!) so I didn't really see him much. One of my few memories of him was when I was about 5yrs old he came round to our house and I was off school because I was sick and he brought me tons of coloured chalks for my blackboard :) And they were in a margarine tub for some reason... lol. Maybe because there were too many to fit in the original boxes, maybe?

However, all in all, I am very proud of myself for overcoming my fear of cemeteries lol :)