Us :)

Saturday, 2 May 2009


A whole month! Can't you just tell how very exciting we are?! Hehe...

April didn't really hold much for us. Actually, I say that then I realise quite a few things happened! First it was Easter (one of my favourite holidays, of course, because it's all chocolatey nice), then General Conference which I thought was fab. We also had a very special visitor to our stake on 19th April, President Boyd K. Packer. It was great to have him in our stake and to be with him while he spoke to us. He is a great man! And it was my birthday!!! WHOOP! I am old now though... (sob sob) We went to Alton Towers for a couple of days. It turned into a bit of a wash out with the rain and other things but I'll tell you about all that another time. We stayed over at the hotel there which was lovely, a very nice hotel indeed!

I can't upload any pics from April though because our laptop is a bit rubbish at the moment - it's reminiscent of a stroppy teenager!