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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

This is our new baby :)All is well and happy in there. It looked as though the little 'un was having a party in there but thankfully, he/she is alone!! The baby is currently 12+6wks old. We're only one day further than we originally planned :)

So, everything is grandamundo at the moment. Seth is doing really well... Rolling... Wanting to crawl but not quite getting the hang of it... Singing... EATING! The boy is definitely his mother's son! Haha :) And we love him to bits and pieces and more so every day. Whenever we show him the picture of "his baby" (the scan pic) he laughs and smiles and wants to hold it. Lets hope this attitude continues when the baby arrives :/

So... The dreaded day is almost upon us... I only have one week of Seth left all to my self :'( I am muchos sados about this. It's going to take everything that I have inside me to hold it together when I start back at work next week. I know though, that at some point during the day, I am going to break down and cry like a baby!!

Anyway... Something happy, QUICK...
Karen and Josh are coming to Manchester today so the boy and mummy are going to play out with them tomorrow and we are very excited!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny week xxx


Karen x x said...

Whoop whoop to playing :) SO excited :)
LOve yoooooouu x
(also love that the sewcret word i have to enter now to add this post is Kinky) :)