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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Just for Krista ;)

Hi Krista!!!! Hehehehe

I was told to update this... When I logged on and saw the date of my last blog, I understood why! I'm such a lamo! Ha :)

Soooooo... What's new? I can't really get away with saying "nothing" can I?! Let's see...

In January, Seth turned one and this is what he thought of his party...
 Oh, the boy is a misery! Lol. He actually did have a good time and thoroughly liked all of the "choc-choc" and presents... He is truly my son! ;)

In January, Dave was also made redundant. It's been a struggle (Thanks David Cameron!! Jerk!!) but it's also been quite nice having him home to help and enjoy the boys with. Seth is certainly a fan of Daddy!!!

Also, in January, Seth started crawling!! ***WOOHOO*** For anyone that actually knows the lazy boy, you'll know that this is a major accomplishment.

February... Jake Solomon was born :)
Born on Friday 18th February at 12:23pm, weighing 7lb 13oz and 21" long.
He was immediately named Shaky because his bottom lip wobbled.

March... Nothing much happened. We were just enjoying being a family of 4.

April? The day I was NOT looking forward to finally came... I turned 30!!! (Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun!) Actually though, it's just the same. I had to admit to the bank manager today that I am 30 and it didn't even register until he asked if it hurt saying that, hehe.

so, we're pretty much up to date. Here's my boys now
Love it and love them!!


The Paterson Family said...

soooooo glad you finally updated your blog! its about time! :)
love yoooooooou x