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Monday, 7 May 2012

Our Boysies

Weeeellllllll, helllloooooo...
It's been a while, huh? Yeah, sorry about that! We are just SO busy! There are only two children but they run us ragged!! haha. They are very fun though.
Seth is 2yrs now and a right 2yr old he is too. He has a very definite mindset and knows what he wants. He is also very vocal which leads us to much laughter as he likes to be the centre of attention. The usual things coming out of him are "Hey, look at me!" or "Hey, monkey Mumma!" or "I no like (whatever it is I'm trying to give him)". He LOVES going to soft play centres and loves meeting new friends. We go to a local play centre called Little Monsters Mayhem which he calls Monster Haymem (hehehe). He is very physical and never stops to sit still for a moment.
Then there's our little 14 month old Jake (more commonly referred to as Jakers)... If there were ever two more different boys, then these two would be them! While Seth is blond haired, green eyed and broad shouldered, Jake is dark brown haired, brown eyed and stick thin. Their differences don't end there though... Jake is so relaxed it's almost as if he just doesn't even care sometimes ( I have NO idea where he gets that from...... hehehe) he loves nothing more than to indulge in either some play time with some cars, or singing songs with Mummy and his big brother or watching his favourite Disney movies. He is also very quiet and also quite shy, only giving smiles to people he knows and recognises.
It amazes me how different my two boys are and yet how close they are. They definitely love each other, thats for sure!!
Anyway, just thought I'd update you all on how our boys are growing and what mini people they are turning into. Hope you're all grand xx


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Your back at last.... Whoop