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Thursday, 16 July 2009

June/July update...

Howdy dudes :) Just thought I would put a little 'picture' of baby Royle up for you to see. Please don't be to scared by the fact that he/she looks like a billy goat, I've been assured that he/she will not still look like this when he/she is born! It's a bit of an old picture... It was from the dating scan which was back in May but we have the anomoly (?) scan in 3weeks so I'll put the updated pic up then.

We have always said that we are not going to find out what sex the baby is, we both really want the complete surprise when he/she is born. One of us should win though - I want a boy and Dave wants a girl (hopefully, we won't BOTH win!!!) Either way, we had names picked out then we changed our minds and had new names set but then we changed our minds again... I wonder how long these names will stick? :)

Anyway, nothing really much is new in our lives. Dave has a new job and already it seems so much better than his old place. His new line manager seems really nice and his big boss is happy to help Dave settle in however he can, even by taking him to a chinese buffet for lunch! I did ask if wives were invited too but apparently not... Sucks! :)

I am sleeping alot... I'm missing so much of life! I slept for a whole 17hrs last sunday. YES! 17hrs in ONE day, thats just shocking and ridiculous! I have to point out though that I have never done this before, even when I have been ill I have never done that. Just so that you kow that I am not lazy... Well, I am but not THAT lazy.

Anyway, hope you are all well and keeping yourselves happy! Kx