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Monday, 16 November 2009

Only 5 weeks to go...

WOW! I cannot believe that it has been so long since I last blogged. I am a naughty one! I apologise. Not that I am thinking that people actually wait upon my warblings... :)

So, things are great for us at the moment! Dave is in a really secure and good job, I am now on maternity leave, we have moved house (into an actual house!) and we are pretty much ready for Little Royle's arrival.

So, the house move.... We love it!!!! We have a front door, a garden, a drive... Only one flight of stairs!! What more can you ask for in life?! lol :)
It doesn't look very big from the picture (it's not all of that house! That house is actually two houses...) but don't be fooled! We have two bedrooms which is just perfect for the size of our family at the moment and in the near future :) The garden is a good size but if it ever does feel a bit too cramped out there, it backs onto a huge playing field which I think is just perfect for Saturday mornings when daddy can take the children out for a run around while mummy gets some more sleep ;) Hehehe... We are starting to feel settled in now and even put up the baby's cotbed over the weekend.
I get so excited every time I pass the baby's bedroom and see the cot that I want it now!! :) It'll be soon though so I can wait that little bit longer.

As for other things in life, we are doing well. Things are really quiet at the moment, just waiting. I started my maternity leave just a week ago and I am already bored! I wasn't going to finish work until closer to the birth but my carpel tunnel syndrome was getting a lot worse which forced me to come out earlier than planned. It's all working out though because now I get to spend more time sorting the house out and preparing. And not to mention knitting! Oh my goodness, I am so the world's worst knitter!!! Seriously, i have been knitting the same blanket for 5 months... It's nuts.

Well, I hope everyone reading this is well. Let us know how you are doing!! We miss all of you. Love ya's lots!! K&D xxx


Rachel said...

wow! it looks gorge! and that drive looks mahoooooosive! :) are you still local?

and who says people don't wait upon your warblings?! have you any idea how bored I have been?! :)

Kerrin & Dave said...

We are still local indeedy... We are just a bit further up the road, closer to the Trafford Centre (never a good thing!!)