Us :)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Hey, hey, HEY!!!

"WHOOP WHOOP" you hear me say? We have a new (and very much improved) laptop and now I am able to update you all on our very exciting yet simple lives without it taking up half of a day just to get blogger to come up on the flippin' screen!!

So, things are gooooooooooooood in the Royley household. We are mostly well, we aren't that wealthy but we certainly are happy.

SETH HAS A TOOTHY PEG!!!! We are very pleased to see it after all of the tears it has caused so far. It's almost beautiful to look at (I'm sure only a mother could say that!) ***So, just a word of caution...*** If you and Seth are ever sat playing together and he grabs your hand, you might want to release his grip before you have a severed finger :)

Anyway, when I finally get some recent pics uploaded I will definitely pop some on here for you to gander at.

We hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing/ hearing from you soon.